08 lipca 2022



The exam checks if the candidate is suitable for the profession of an architect.

  1.   The exam for candidates for the first cycle of studies at the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Engineering, in the field of architecture, will be held on  19th July 2022 in Microsoft Teams / The code for the meeting will be sent on 18th July  to the e-mail address used by the candidate during registration.
  1. Part ONE of the exam  – freehand drawing from nature.

Prepared in advance, still life elements are used in the composition. The instructions will be sent by e-mail. On the day of the exam, the candidates are given a view of the composition, which should be arranged individually in front of the cameras.

Part ONE will take place on 19th July 2022 in Microsoft Teams at 9.00, Polish time.

The exam is 180 minutes (without breaks).

  1. Part TWO of the exam – drawing from memory, spatial and compositional imagination – an architectural composition.

Part TWO will take place on 19th July 2022 in Microsoft Teams between 1 p.m. and 4 p.m., Polish time.

  1. Candidates are required to connect to the platform up to half an hour before the exam begins.
  2. One day before the exam, a scan of the identity document should be sent. It should be again presented to the camera at the beginning of the exam.
  3. During the exam, you should use 2B-6B pencils, erasers and clips to attach the sheet, together with drawing boards and card stock, 50x70 cm format.
  4. The candidate is obliged to send the works electronically within 30 minutes after completing the drawing to the following email address: The title of the e-mail should be supplemented with a note saying: FIRST-CYCLE ARCHITECTURE. The works should be sent from the e-mail address used by the candidate during registration.
  5. A statement on the independent execution of the works should be attached in addition to the works,.
  6. Technical parameters/formal requirements for sending works online:
  7. - JPG file format
  8. - resolution: 150 DPI
  9. - the total number of files transferred should not exceed 15MB
  10. - first and last names should not be included in the figures and in the file name
  11. - works should be zipped in one folder and sent in one e-mail
  12. - the sent folder should be described according to the scheme: first name_surname
  13. Questions regarding the practical exam and the method of submitting papers by e-mail should be sent to the following address:
  14. A candidate who fails to submit the work electronically within the prescribed period will not be classified by the Faculty Recruitment Committee.


The results of the practical exam will be provided on 20th July 2022

to the e-mail address used by the candidate for registration

NOTE: Bydgoszcz University of Science and Technology does not send notifications about the necessity to apply for the practical exam.

Please send any questions regarding the practical exam to:

Technical support during the practical exam: Dr. Ada Nawrocka /